Finding the love of your life means: find the right dating agency first. We can help you to find your perfect dating agency. We have analysed all the top players in the United States and ranked their performance across a wide range of factors including geographic spread of membership numbers and online reputation.

Choose one of our favourite dating agencies in the USA.

Dating agencies are set up to make money more than they are to help you find love, so be aware that you should not believe absolutely everything they tell you. Dating agencies will always be keen to imply that they have lots of members in your local area. The truth is sometimes otherwise, and it’s really worth putting in the time to do a little be of research before investing in one dating agency or another.

Recommended matchmaking sites in the USA

# 1: eharmony

for Love searches *)
  • Members in the USA: 15.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • In depth personality profiling
  • Leave the decision making to science!

Score: 9/10

in our eharmony review
39 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2: EliteSingles

for Love searches *)
  • Members in the USA: 2.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • World's leading elite singles service
  • 18,000 new members weekly

Score: 8/10

in our EliteSingles review
32 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

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Finding the love of your life means: find the right dating agency first. We can help you to find your perfect dating agency. We have... (more)

Online Dating & Match-Making as A Tremendous Opportunity

Nowadays, it’s completely natural to seek out a partner (or even true love) on the Internet. In days gone by, it was demonstrably different. Even in recent years, it hasn’t been as common to find love on the Internet. Fortunately, the digital era is upon us and happy couples who have met online surround us every day. The days of newspaper personal ads are certainly behind us.
Interactions resulting from online dating, however, are not meant to compete with everyday casual meetings at the coffee shop or grocery store. In fact, they can be an excellent complement to offline meetings. Searching for and getting to know the right partner is much faster and convenient on the Internet—at least most of the time. This is largely due to the fact that on the Internet, any time of the day is convenient to meet and/or flirt. Plus, when a targeted dating service gets involved, your chance of success multiply significantly. Professional dating sites with huge membership numbers are better able to match and connect the perfect couples under the perfect conditions for the development of emotional closeness and love. Without the Internet, you’d need a whole lot of luck.

Can Love Be Planned? Does Online Dating Really Work?

Of course, love cannot be directed or controlled. Love must arise. Often love surprises, coming out of nowhere to steamroll you with unexpected, uncontrollable emotions. Sometimes love develops slowly, like a delectate flower that grows shyly at first, but then blossoms into a great beauty.
Although love is a feeling that cannot be planned, nor forced, love is at least malleable. Much can be done to manipulate the conditions under which we develop and experience love. Recently, a recipe for love (the experimental generation of interpersonal closeness) by famous scientist and psychologist, Arthur Aron, was republished in the New York Times. It describes how two strangers can fall in love based on certain guidelines. To achieve this, the couple answers 36 mutual questions. It sounds like a miracle, the philosopher’s stone, perhaps a fairytale - and yet there is some truth in it: love can be fostered.
Dating agencies start there. They introduce people that fit well with one another, making the search much easier. Unlike searching for “the one” out in the “real world”, with online services you can be sure that your prospective matches are single and would fit well according to the selection algorithm. The advantages are clear: disappointment because of personality surprises or one’s relationship status are simply not possible. 
Of course, the methods can only be based on statistical experiences, but the foundation of our data comes from the best dating sites with well-founded, scientific personality tests for each of its members. Psychological and sociological knowledge of relationship science are translated by these sites into a mostly secret, but effective algorithm that matches members with a predetermined harmonious partnership; this is the core competence of any matchmaking service. Naturally, there is no guarantee that the two people of a match/corresponding pair will actually fall in love. No one can completely control this. However, the conditions (according to scientific findings) are particularly promising. Why wouldn’t you take this opportunity?

Tips for Dealing with Online Matchmaking Services

  • At all reputable dating agencies, the possibility exists to register for free. This option should always be taken. Although generally you cannot contact other members, an interested single can get a comprehensive first-impression and decide for or against the provider.
  • The personality test at the beginning of your membership should be taken very seriously. This test will form the basis of the candidate pool of potential matches and is, therefore, extremely important. The questions should be answered honestly in a relaxed setting.
  • Profiles filled with more personal details will garner more attention from potential matches and increase your chances of success. Users of partner agencies should ensure that their profile is filled out completely. Remember, quality before quantity. A brief yet thoughtful profile can be more successful than a longer, shallow one.
  • Maintain proper etiquette on dating sites. A polite, charming approach is much more effective than one that’s direct and harsh. Proper greetings and goodbyes are a minimum requirement. That being said, your conversations online shouldn’t drone on endlessly either. A timely, personal meeting may provide more insight as to whether the commitment will be worthwhile or not.