Looking for a flirt? Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number of customers in your region. We provide insights into which providers have the best coverage across all regions and cities so that you can chose a service that is likely to have large numbers of in your locality.

Here are our top recommendations for the USA.

Dating has shifted massively within the last decade to become a principally online phenomena in the Western World. It is a transformative process that however much hacks write about it and friends discuss it, can barely be comprehended in the magnitude of its impact. After all, dating is life: The vast majority of us regard dating, love and romance as the top priority in our lives.

The best flirt sites in the United States:

# 1:

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in the USA: 8.000.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Hot flirts and casual dates
  • Friendly and naughty flirt environment

Score: 8/10

in our review
26 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2: Zoosk

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in the USA: 15.000.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Top site for instant messaging local singles
  • Carousel allows you to swipe matches

Score: 5/10

in our Zoosk review
10 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 3:

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in the USA: 40.000.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • A service that delivers great flirts
  • Tried and tested formula for hooking up

Score: 4/10

in our review
33 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

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Looking for a flirt? Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number... (more)


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The Fun of Flirting & Getting to Know New People is Paramount 

These days, online dating is often a first choice for singles of all ages and demographics. The search for a suitable partner on the Internet is easy, fast, and mostly successful. It’s no wonder that so many single Americans go the online route—some just for the fun of it, but others with a steadfast determination. 
With classical sites like and newly popular apps such as Zoosk, Tinder, or Grindr, flirting and non-committal meetings have become paramount. Users on these sites browse the profiles of other singles. Having fun is crucial. Often singles fall in love and it leads to a long-term relationship, and even if your interactions are less intimate, you’re still left with a fun date and some interesting conversation. 
Such apps do not match users based on what members are seeking at the outset. These types of dating apps are fundamentally different. Partner agencies will present you with scientifically determined match proposals. Anyone looking for a strong, detour-free partnership should take advantage of sites like these. Casual dating sites are different in that you are able find and date people with little-to-no obligation. 
These days, dating sites and flirting apps must offer their users more than just a database of members.
Although present-day singles sites are the descendants of a days-gone-by dating culture, today’s online services differ a great deal in terms of what services they offer.
Today’s online flirting sites and dating apps offer far more than merely a database of users. Perfected search capabilities allow a targeted search for potential flirting contacts based on age, place of residence, mutual interests, and so much more. Versatile communication functions allow users to directly contact one another without complication. Comprehensive offers are typically completed with tips and advice.

Test criteria

The aforementioned singles sites that we’ve been comparing are all tools that have yielded results for so many singles. In our tests, we examine the following important criteria. Only those who scored well across all areas are featured in our top ranks.

The Practical Test

We tested top dating sites and flirting apps under realistic conditions, using profiles created specifically for these purposes. How likely is the average user to make a connection? What are users likely to experience from these interactions?

Site and Profile Features

We examine the diversity, quality, and plausibility of search and communication functions. Additionally, we test overall profile quality. Are all profiles genuine? 

User Friendliness

This section examines ease of use across dating sties and apps and verifies ease-of-use and accessibility of the site’s customer services features.

Dollar Value

Site fees are evaluated. Taking into account the aforementioned categories, we ask: are the prices fair?

Can singles sites be free? How good are free flirting apps? What do good flirting sties and dating apps cost?

Unfortunately, untrustworthy site and app providers are out there. There may be a few free apps and sites that offer partly useful services, but the majority of free dating apps and sites are unsafe and barely useable.
The design, development, and operation of a dating site or app is costly. Especially if the service provides high-quality features and a properly functioning page or app. Free dating sites try to partially recover these costs with the use of spam and dubious advertising techniques. There is also the fear that your personal data may be sold to unknown third-parties. We recommend—without exception—only reputable dating sites and apps. In our experience, you get what you pay for. 
Good dating apps and sites in the United States can cost anywhere from $20 to $50 monthly. Always ensure to have a secure method of payment.
Prices can vary and depend greatly on answers to the following questions:
  • How many services were booked (scope of service)?
  • What is the timeframe of usage (period of service)? 
  • How is the quality of the service/provider (quality)?
All the details about pricing can be found in test reports. Additionally, we answer questions regarding individual site offers, price justification, and overall service value.