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Conclusion: Get it on is a sexy site that has loads of great content whether you’re looking for adult chat, dates, or live cam action. You can’t really fail to be satisfied with this cheeky site.

GetItOn at a glance:


  • Great content on this site
  • Lots of payment options
  • Big variety of features
  • Nice visuals and layout


  • Can be confusing which content is from real members
  • The site is international so may be a journey to your match

Our recommendation for more success

Check out the live model chat features once you’ve registered. It’s a seriously hot service and you can see lots of girls live in their bedrooms. If you give them a tip, they take their clothes off. Really good fun and you can access this area for free.

GetItOn numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 19 resulting conversations
  • 2 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio GetItOn

Member statistics

49% Women

51% Men
Female ratio at GetItOn

Suitability for Adventure

  • Join a service where you can both flirt and watch
  • Great interactive video service

Suitability for Adventure

Local activity in the USA

  • Members in the USA: 1.000.000
  • Search trend: 2.900

Activity grade in the USA

1. GetItOn review: in brief

GetItOn is a cheeky offering from the Friend Finder network and does share a lot of similarities with AdultFriendFinder. What makes it different are the webcam features, some of which you can get access to for free, or for only small ‘starter’ payments.

One of the really nice things about this service is the way in which it blends the distinction between dating and pornography.  This creates a service with a fresh approach and the ability to deliver entertainment above and beyond the quality of its female membership. It’s a nice mix of service type and one that we would like to see more of.

We looked through the whole of this site to establish if it was right for you and to feedback with this full and in-depth report.

Practical test and experience: The practical test showed mixed results. There were lots of women online and many responded very quickly, but the number of women who were local to us and active, seemed limited.
Functions: Great variety of features that allow you to interchange between flirting and watching content. Pretty cool mix.
User-friendliness: The site seems reasonably used friendly. Its smooth to navigate through and has access to customer support and emailing address.
Value for money: Get it on has a great range of price points and options. We certainly like the value they are offering on the video chat, and overall it seems very reasonable.


2. GetItOn Experience Test

The GetItOn test rigorously checks all aspects of GetItOn. To acquire a complete overview of the quality of the product we set up a profile on the site and browsed through it as a normal user (man looking for woman). We then went through all features on the site and kicked off some first interactions.

On top of this, we checked GetItOn’s reputation, looking through customer comment boards to understand how people respond to the product.

GetItOn at first glance

From the first view of GetItOn, some characteristics of the service are clear. Number 1, that it is a site targeted at the casual end of the show. Then, that it concentrates on putting you in touch with people who are wanting the same sort of things as you. The ethos of the brand is summed up by the name. This is a good statement and reflects the reality that a lot of people are out looking for this.

Picture: Landing Page - GetItOn

From the start of the registration, the user is prompted to choose the kinds of encounter that you are seeking. This idea runs right through the site and you are prompted, in several different ways, to declare a) what type of person you are and b) what type of adventure you are looking for.

Get it on also stands out for its large range of top class video and web cam options. These are demonstrable in the service and the

Member no. Test

To secure a notion of the amount of members online, we carried out a activity score. Dating sites come in various distinct formats, but always the most meaningful matter for the client is how many connections he or she gets involved with. How many matches get in communication and how many people answer to communications. Our activity mark produces a measure against this all-important assessment for every company we look at. GetItOn did fairly well in this test. There were a lot of members online and it looked like a ample spread of users across the nation.

Result: Posing as a man, we initiated 100 contact requests on GetItOn. These were made up of a mix of all the different methods of showing interest in someone on the site. For example, by messaging or ‘winking’. In return we got 19 replies. This is a very respectable result for men contacting women on dating websites and proves a good level of active clients.

What the profiles look like on GetItOn

The profile quality was great. Lots of pictures and videos from members to keep you interested and excited. It’s easy to get into conversation and find what you what. The only downside was with that the number of women who were local to our search point was very limited. It is more like an international community than one that has a strong presence in any one place, so you may have to travel to meet the girls you’re chatting to.

Make your Profile work: If you’re spending time or cash with GetItOn, make sure that you also assign some time on making your profile stand out. Fill out all the information parts, make sure your information is up to date and, most importantly, post good pictures ! Time you spend on these activities should not be time lost!

Dishonest profiles can be an issue for nearly all dating companies and often the test of a service is not whether they have a problem, but how bad it is. However, our impression of GetItOn was fairly reassuring in this regard. GetItOn runs a really good system of profile approval and the majority of profiles appeared genuine. 

Conclusion GetItOn Snapshot Test: The site did well in the test. There’s definitely a lot of fun to be had on this site, and a lot for customers to enjoy. It doesn’t perform so well on delivering local matches though.


3. Functions and profiles on GetItOn

When you sign on for the GetItOn experience you are signing on for something special. Yet, the initial process of registration is, for all that, surprisingly familiar and indeed, just like any other dating website. You need an authentic e-mail in order to confirm your registration and access the site (though you’d be well advised to create an anonymized account).

The registration process is about 4 pages long and perhaps a little longer than the industry average. In particular it asks for a lot of details on sexual preferences and desires. These are then used to match you later in the process.

Once you are inside the product you will find lots of features and functions to play with. Here is our selection of the best

Live model chat

Live model chat is one of the winning features of GetItOn. A real interactive space where you can chat to models as they take their clothes off. Lots of fun

Picture: Live Model chat homepage - GetItOn

Member Videos

Member videos are your chance to see other members of the GetItOn community to their thing. You can of course post yourself. There are options to upload and edit your own content.

Picture: Member videos - GetItOn

Content Filter

The content filter is a little button at the top of the page that allows you to switch ‘naughty’ content on and off as you please. This is useful for the prudish or those without total privacy as they browse.

Picture: Search results with content filter on - GetItOn

Get Laid Guarantee

Without specifying how they are planning to monitor their customers behaviour, GetItOn does offer an extra three months of service if you don’t get laid in your first subscription period. We assume that this means extra time for anyone who complains….

Picture: The slightly hard  to believe Get laid guarantee - GetItOn

Summary of Functions and Features: Nice list of really engaging features and some of them available for non-paying members to sample as well. Nice.


4. GetItOn Customer Care

Customer friendliness is a very critical issue with online dating sites. The degree to which sites deal effectively with the anxieties and problems their customers have varies massively from one site to another. How easy is it to make contact with customer services? How promptly do they deal with customer questions. Does the firm run auto rebilling?

Getting hold of Customer Support with GetItOn

GetItOn has a full and useful Frequently Asked Questions page where you can get hold of the answers you need to most of the questions you’re likely to have. They also have an e-mail form that allows you to write to the service directly.

GetItOn layout

GetItOn has stronger and weaker areas when it comes to webdesign. The main dating platform is, if anything, a little disappointing. It is a tad drab and looks somewhat old fashioned. The web cam section, on the other hand, has a great modern look with full screen images and a cool interactive tool. So a mixed score in this category.

The GetItOn App

Your GetItOn account can be accessed through the AdultFriendFinder app which is available on iphone or android. It’s a really well designed little app and also packed with features and offers.

Picture: The Adult Friend Finder App as used by - GetItON

Summary of GetItOn Customer Service: Not bad. They have a nice app and a site that has its highlights. Much to be said for some of the features and a customer services team that is reachable.


5. GetItOn. Value for Money?

The large majority of dating websites start with a free taster of their product, but to use the service properly and interact with other people you have to pay for a Premium Account. GetItOn is not an exception and to chat with your matches, you are going to have to pay. We don’t quibble with the necessity of this. In the end, customers always need to pay if they want to use a useful service. Instead, we concentrate on how GetItOn does on a ‘value for money’ equation. Is it worth spending the money and getting involved?

Exclusive benefits of Premium Membership on GetItOn
  • Explicit profile photos
  • Access to member videos
  • Full email privileges
GetItOn price list
  • A 3 months subscription costs  $11.84 per month
  • To sign up just for one month only costs  $22.55

*these prices were current at the time of writing, but may change

We suggest you go for the three month deal. It’s not expensive and you’ll be able to relax and use the service well.

Be careful: Premium Membership will renew automatically unless you instruct GetItOn not to.
Overall. Is GetItOn worth the cash?: GetItOn offers something different. It has features and content you won’t find on other dating sites. What’s more, it has a really full range of pricing options. Top value we think.
Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Adventures. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

GetItOn summary

Reviewed brand: GetItOn
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Overall rating: 5 / 10

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