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Conclusion: Are you a young guy who wants to date sexy mature women? Then you’re at the right place since this is the largest dating site for cougars and adventurous toy boys in USA. Cougar dating is a growing trend and CougarLife if proof that it works, despite receiving some off-putting reviews on the website’s user-friendliness.

CougarLife at a glance:


  • Young and attractive men who are open to the unknown
  • Horny cougars and toyboys who are sociable
  • Over 7 million registered members worldwide


  • Subscription model with automatic renewal
  • Improvable user friendliness

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Get yourself registered and start a conversation with any one of the millions of hot members on the dating website. Take advantage of the free registration option and get acquainted with the website and how it works without having to deal with any risks.

CougarLife numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 4 resulting conversations
  • 0 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio CougarLife

Member statistics

52% Women

48% Men
Female ratio at CougarLife

Suitability for Adventure

  • The biggest website for dating cougars in USA
  • Easy user interface and many great profiles

Suitability for Adventure

Local activity in the USA

  • Members in the USA: 4.000.000
  • Search trend: 150.000

Activity grade in the USA

What is Cougar Dating?

A cougar is a sexy, 30+ woman who is looking for a relationship with a younger man. These are the women who know exactly what they want and are not shy to ask for it. They are at the height of their professional careers, fun loving, and want to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

The majority of cougars are extremely self-confident, strikingly beautiful and in their prime. They want to live the good life without having to give up their freedom to become a boring housewife, which is the reason why they turn to younger men, commonly referred to as, “cubs” “toy boys” an even “MILF hunters” to live out every day (and night) as an adventure.

For a cougar, it’s all about sex, fun and eroticism, and it’s not unheard of for cougars to proudly display their prey (toy boys) among friends. That’s because these women are confident enough to not let society dictate how they should live their lives. Nowadays, cougars have established a new found autonomous freedom for themselves, which was unheard of in the past.

Let’s break it down for you: The kids have left home, the divorce has been filed, and the career is going smooth. Now, the mature woman can finally concentrate on her wants and needs without having to compromise her freedom…again.

The solution → Hooking up with sexy, young men with Cougar Dating.


1. CougarLife review: summary

According to Wikipedia, the term “Cougar” is a slang that refers to an older woman who is seeking a relationship with a considerably younger man.

Both Parties Benefit:

  • “Cougars” find themselves young charming men.
  • “Toy boys” find themselves a sensual and attractive older woman who is open to new experiences.

A Summary of the Test Results of CougarLife:

Practical test and experience: The practical test proved that CougarLife was in fact a very effective online dating website. The test also revealed some other positive aspects of CougarLife that makes it the number one choice for cougars and toy boys in USA, which is that all the members are sociable, lively and interesting. The contact test also showed that at least 19 out of 100 contact attempts resulted in a positive response for the user, which basically means almost every fifth contact attempt resulted in a success. That’s absolutely amazing when you think about it.
Functions and Profiles: A quick test revealed that the profiles are extremely easy to fill out and are also informative enough to properly identify other matching contacts on the website. Although there are a few fake profiles which were also found, it’s not that big of a deal considering the number of registered members who are really on the website. CougarLife does fall short in one department though, which has to do with the use of animators for guest users, but that can be turned off, so no big deal. Overall, the features are good and serve their purpose. There’s no fancy smoke and mirrors design on the platform, which makes it even more appealing for those who would much rather spend their time looking for a suitable match to hook up with later on that night, rather than admiring the graphics and animation of the site. Overall, the whole purpose of site is to make is easy for cougars to meet toy boys and vice versa.
User-friendliness: The customer service could be better while the cancellation process is a bit of a drag. The design and the user interface as a whole works well though. But still, CougarLife falls just short of the full five star rating. So, there is need for improvement.
Value for money: The cost of the packages is not what you would call low, but the website makes up for it by being the best cougar dating website in USA with a large pool of registered members. So, one thing’s for sure, you are definitely going to have yourself a good time at CougarLife. Price Performance Ratio: OK.


2. CougarLife Practical Test

The most crucial part of the assessment is of course the practical test. Here we get registered to the website as men and women who are looking for a relationship. The test profile we had created at CougarLife was easy. We clicked through the portal once we got registered and tested all the features offered by the website. This included, the level of customer service on the website and the sociability of the members. So, is it worth your time to register with CougarLife.

Here we will reveal to you all the advantages and the disadvantages of getting yourself registered with

2.1 First Impression of CougarLife

From what we can tell, the first impression looks pretty decent, and the website seems legit and professional, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on the functionality of the platform itself. But there is a FAQ section that answers pretty much every question you would want to ask about using CougarLife. In the media section you will find a helpful guide on how to use the dating website. The PDF document offers a very detailed description of this unique website and how it can be used to meet older women (or younger men).

Picture: CougarLife landing page

Here you will also learn about some very intriguing facts about CougarLife members. For instance, most of the women are single and are not in a serious relationship, which is good. Around 51% of the women are divorced, while 47% of them are unmarried, and 25 are widowed. Surprisingly, the majority of women who are divorced got divorced only recently, which is within the past year, which is 42% of all women. According to the PDF file, 31% fo all women are single mothers, and the cougar’s average age is around 39 years, while the average age of the toy boys that are registered is around 29 years.

Quote by Sabrina Rymarowics, CougarLife’s Spokesperson:

“CougarLife was built on the fact that nowadays, there are many successful, confident and independent single-women who don't have a problem to start an affair or relationship with a significantly younger man.”

It is a pity though that we weren’t able to find any information on the price before we registered, which appears to be a common practice amongst dating websites nowadays. CougarLife will receive its first minus point in this category.

2.2 Contact-Test on CougarLife

The contact test is used to access who friendly the members of a dating website are, which is, in this case CougarLife. This is why the contact test’s outcome is considered as the most important result in a review and rating of a dating website. Needless to say, successful flirting is only possible when the members of a dating website are open and willing to interact with one another. Our test found CougarLife to be positive in that aspect although we were unable to take into account the contact’s attempts and replies of the animators. (Read profile quality).

30-day Contact Test on Cougar Life USA

>> passive contact requests: 0

  • standard greetings: 3
  • personal messages: 6

>> active contact requests: 50

  • standard greetings: 5
  • to which positive replies received: 1
  • personal messages: 45
  • to which positive replies received: 26

Success rate: 36 from 100 points
(premium membership)

9 contact requests plus 27 positive responses to contact attempts

How does the contact test work?

  • The test takes place over a period of one month (30 days from the creation of the premium membership profile)
  • During this period, the number of successful contacts is counted.
  • 50 contact attempts (messages/greetings) will be made and up to 50 will be counted if received.
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts are automatically counted as a successful contact.
  • Outgoing (active) contact attempts only count as a successful contact if a positive response (a response that encourages you to continue the conversation) follows.
  • A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for successful incoming contacts, and 50 for successful outgoing contacts.
  • The result is denoted as x out of 100 points. For example: 50 successful contacts out of 100 attempts results in a score of 50/100.

2.3 CougarLife Practice Test and Experience Conclusion

The outcome of our contact test was pretty convincing. Out of over a hundred contact attempts, 37 were successful. This meant that more than every third attempt was followed by a positive reply, which then consequently resulted in the start of a conversation. Rating: Very Good!


3. Functions and Profiles on CougarLife

3.1 Profile Quality on CougarLife

For starters, the registration of the website seems to be foolproof. At first, the users can easily search for eligible cougars or toy boys, according to a specified age. Users also get to choose the name of the city they care to carry out the search in, which is a neat addition and serves its purpose when it comes to making contact with cougars or toy boys in your area.

The next step in the user interface is an input mask, where all personal data of the users are saved for the profile. There is also an option to log in via Facebook, which is a big plus point and makes it even easier for people to use CougarLife.

Profile Tips:
  • Users get to upload as many pictures as they wish on their profile, so put that to good use. Uploading more pictures of you will significantly increase your chances of meeting up with potential relationship seekers. This will allow you to gain trust and improve your validity while using CougarLife.
  • Fill up your user profile as much as you can and provide as many details as possible. The more your profile matches other users, the better your chances will be of meeting someone.

Picture: It's worth answering as many questions as possible in order to improve your profile


Privacy seems to be an important part of CougarLife, which is actually an advantage. After all, you wouldn’t really want to be found on the website by your co-workers or your neighbors. Users are advised to have a look at the section “My Profile”>”Privacy”.  You can change a few of the settings if you want to remain anonymous while using CougarLife.

Picture: Simple steps to protect your privacy on Cougar Life

There is also a section on the website for your private pictures, which basically means the pictures that are not visible to any other member unless you give permission. These private pictures can only be viewed once the selected member or members have received your permission, or access key which they can then use to unlock the photos. While for each viewing permission, a user receives a viewing permission will be given automatically, it is recommended that users disable that function which can be found under “Privacy.”

Picture: You can share private pictures secretely on Cougar Life

Fake Profiles

At first glance, the profile quality of CougarLife looks to be good. Although, we did come across some suspicious looking user profiles, which were probably scams. But, they were in an acceptable number, which is common place for any online dating portal.

When it comes to online dating websites, it is very common for scammers to create fake user profiles and try to steal away members to other similar websites. There’s just no way of keeping that out, so users will just have to keep their eyes open while using CougarLife. If a user profile does seem suspicious to you, just avoid it or block it.

The only downside to CougarLife is that the user profiles aren’t properly verified both manually or automatically once created, which would have been the first line of defense to keep fake profiles at bay. Although, CougarLife should be offering its members a voluntary identity check, which is quite similar to what other dating sites offer, and to be blunt, because the dating website could really use a profile filter of some kind.

Fake Profiles Tips;

For starters, you can always check to see if a particular profile happens to be a premium member. Obviously those creating fake user profiles on dating sites won’t be paying for the service. So, it’s safe to say that profiles that are premium are usually not fakes, since online scammers prefer to avoid costs, especially while they’re scamming people.


The website CougarLife uses animators on their portal who provide some entertainment by using a fictitious profile. CougarLife is able to control these animators with a system called Cougars CS™. While it will take a while to recognize which ones are the fake profiles, you should be okay. It is also important to remember that these animators may also send you gifts and messages, but they will never want to meet you. However, users can opt out of being contacted by these animators.

Animators Tips;

CougarLife does however state in its terms and conditions page that, “Cougar's Cs™ communicates with guest users, but not members.” CougarLife also states that a premium membership will protect the users from animators apart from them having the option to state that they do not want to be contacted by the animators

3.2 Search Functions on CougarLife

The search function on CougarLife offers all of the features to make it easier for the users to find suitable matches quicker. Our tests also showed up many matches, but when we refined our search criteria, we were able to get many hits on even better matches according to our user profile. So, this is a big plus point for CougarLife.

Picture: Define search criteria

Apart from the usual criteria of age and area or city, users of CougarLife can also use the following factors to get better results. In our tests, we found the following factors

  • Has pictures.
  • Has private pictures.
  • Is online.
  • Ready to chat.
  • New members.
  • Only strangers.
  • Wants a date today.

With the additional criteria, user profiles can easily be weeded out, which makes the whole service quite practical for the user. Some other factors that play into the selection are also looks, eye color, and hair color, the language and the keywords you use, that are entered into the free text field.

Picture: List with search results on CL

If you find yourself an interesting and appealing profile in the list, all you have to do is click on it. Users can also view public pictures and profile information as well. The only thing the user has to do then is just get active and start to contact members.

Picture: Detailed view of a cougar on Cougar Life

3.3 Communication Functions on CougarLife

Members of CougarLife can easily get in touch with other members by using the following options.

Picture: Communication options

Writing a Message:

This has got to be the best way of getting in touch with an interesting cougar or toy boy. It was also the preferred method in out tests. We found two major advantages of using this method. Firstly, members do not need to be online. And secondly, users are able to directly refer to profiles in their messages, which is a neat trick. Users of CougarLife can also send a combination of personal messages, a gift to the recipient, or a request to share their private pictures.

Picture: Send virtual gifts to other CL members

Starting a Chat:

If the selected profile of a user happens to be online, you can also start a chat immediately. This is where users get to make small talk and get to know on another before actually meeting in person.

Sending a Flirt:

This is just a standard greeting and not a personalized message. While we didn’t find this function to be suitable as a first mode of contact, it is however a nice function to have if you are already familiar with the person on the receiving end.

Sending a Gift:

CougarLife also allows its members to send virtual presents to each other. Since this is a virtual present, no need to expect a tap on the door and a bouquet any time soon. The virtual present is in the form of a picture. While we can’t really say anything on the benefits of this feature, it does seem to make for an amusing way to approach someone you would like to know.

(Request to Unlock Private Pictures)

Users of CougarLife need to know that sending these requests does not necessarily lead to success so there’s no need to get your hopes up. This feature really only makes sense when it is sent along with a message, or if the contact is already an established one.

VIP Message:

The VIP message appears at the top of the recipient’s inbox, and remains at the top until it is read even if you receive other messages. This ensures that the user gets to read all of their VIP messages.

Picture: We contacted many cougars during our test

3.4 CougarLife Features And Profile Conclusion

We found the profiles on the website to be informative, and all of the users seem to be fun. The anonymity and privacy protection feature was also another good addition to the section. And while there were quite a few fake profiles that we found, the overall experience wasn’t that bad. The website does use animators to make the user experience better, but it ends up having the opposite effect. The functions in CougarLife are all designed well and are responsive, with each suiting its purpose nicely. End the end, the overall experience of CougarLife was a good one.


4. CougarLife's User-Friendliness

The website offers a FAQ section that provides users with answers to some of the important questions. While the section is okay, there is always room for improvement, especially for a FAQ section. There is also a contact number along with a contact form, which is a good thing, since users get to give their feedback.

4.1 Customer Service

Customer service is another important criteria for analyzing a dating website. In our tests, We did test the contact form which worked OK. It took two days for us to receive a reply from the customer service team of CougarLife, who stated that they had fixed the problem. So, the overall customer service experience at CougarLife was good.

4.2 Cancelling CougarLife

We found that CougarLife’s Premium Membership is extended automatically if it is not cancelled. This seems to be a common practice for most of the popular dating websites, but we have our reservations.

Tip: Users of CougarLife should make sure they cancel their premium membership after they’ve found what they were looking for. The only downside here is that CougarLife doesn’t make it easy for users to cancel their premium membership. But, not to worry, we went fishing and found a way.

How to cancel the Premium Membership of CougarLife:
  • According to the Terms & Conditions of the website, a user can cancel their account via phone call.
  • The number to dial; 001 866 665 1507
  • Users can call CougarLife from 9:00 to 19:00 (EST)
  • Users are also able to revoke their premium membership via email. To do that you can write something like the following;

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby make use of my right of revocation and cancel my premium membership within the period fixed. In case you do not accept, I reaffirm the cancellation already made by phone (at the earliest date possible).

Please confirm in writing.

My email address is: xxx
My pseudonym: xxx

Kind regards

You can send the email to; or .

REMINDER: Users will need to state the same email address they used while registering with CougarLife, along with giving their CougarLife nickname. The point is, users need to be identifiable by the service.

We did find many incidences that the cancellation of a CougarLife account by email or phone went through without any hiccups. But, CougarLife does get a minus point for making the cancellation process a bit complicated.

4.3 CougarLife’s Operation and Design

We didn’t find any problems on the operational side of this website. All the functions are pretty much self explanatory which makes controlling them easy. That being said, some loading errors for individual profiles have been reported. But it’s nothing to worry about.

4.4 CougarLife Mobile Use / CougarLife App

There is an English language CougarLife app that’s available currently, so that users can use the service while on the move. The app is user friendly and offers all of the functions and features of the website. Available in both Android and iOS operating systems, the CougarLife app is a great alternative for those who don’t or can’t use the website.

4.5 CougarLife User-Friendliness Conclusion

One area where this website lacks is its user friendliness. The customer service experience was a little disappointing and the cancellation was also annoying. The user friendliness is one area where CougarLife takes home an average score at best.


5. Price-Performance Ratio

5.1 CougarLife’s Prices and Costs

When it comes to the package options, CougarLife does it just like any other dating website. The premium membership package will be extended if not cancelled within time. And that’s not the most annoying part of using CougarLife. Users must file a cancellation of their account at least three days before the original term ends.

But, if you go the other route, users can use CougarLife just as easy without having a premium membership package (functions of the free membership are very limited). Those who want to flirt will have no choice but to get the premium membership. The premium membership allows users to write and receive messages from other CougarLife members, so it’s understandable if the website is charging a fee for the service. After all, it’s all about the money, right?

Picture: Non-Premium membrers can only send 3 messages

CAUTION:It is important to note that users have to cancel their premium membership again, so its better if you cancel the renewal right after purchasing the premium package. This way you will not forget and will also be allowed to search for cougars and toy boys as well.

What does CougarLife Cost?

Membership for Women is free. You only need credits if you want to send messages or presents that will have to be bought in advance.

Men need a Premium Membership. Call it what you want but men will need to get a premium membership if they want to reply to messages. Writing messages and other functions will cost you more credits.

CougarLife’s Premium Membership Services:
  • Recommendations (useful).
  • Reading and writing messages (very necessary).
  • Premium membership indication (good).
  • Listing in the top search results (useful).
  • Highlighted position within the search results (useful).
  • 6-hour first time access for new cougar members (okay).

What a Membership on CougarLife Costs:
  • 1 month duration + 100 Credits
    Monthly Cost: $40
  • 3 month duration + 500 credits
    Monthly cost: $29
  • 12 month duration + 3000 Credits
    Monthly cost: $12
  • Use of CougarLife App
    One-Off charge: $5
Cougarlife Credits Are Required For:
  • Sending regular messages (5 credits).
  • Sending VIP messages that appear at the top of the inbox (5 credits).
  • Sending a flirt (5 credits).
  • Sending gifts (5-35 credits).
  • Displaying pictures of cougars who would like to meet the first day (5 credits per day).

Picture: Cougar Life prices in USA

5.2. CougarLife Price-Performance Ratio

CougarLife isn’t what you would call cheap, but the services are good so it’s worth it. That is, if you don’t have a problem with a slow customer response system. Other than that, CougarLife is the largest dating website for cougars in USA. Overall: Price-Performance ratio is okay.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Adventures. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

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Overall rating: 1 / 10

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