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Dating sites are a dime a dozen. Thousands of flirting sites, casual dating services, and dating agencies & apps offer their services in the United States. How can an interested single get an orientation? What singles sites are reputable and actually yield results? 
We have the answers. We have been analysts and market observers of the dating industry for many years—nothing gets past us. All singles sites are tested by our experts and undergo a systematic analysis. It’s not just about having a secure and reliable site; more importantly, will the site be successful in finding a partner? Make it simple for yourself and take advantage of our comprehensive, free reports. We hope that we can help you.

The best dating sites in the USA:

# 1: eharmony

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in the USA: 15.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • In depth personality profiling
  • Leave the decision making to science!

eharmony Overview

Last update: 13.02.2024
eHarmony is a very well established serious dating site that claims to be responsible for nearly 4% of all marriages in the US. A really different ...

Score: 9/10

for eharmony
39 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 2: EliteSingles

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in the USA: 2.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • World's leading elite singles service
  • 18,000 new members weekly

EliteSingles Overview

Last update: 12.02.2024
ELITESINGLES USA is a renowned dating service, focussed primarily on well educated, upwardly mobile, interesting singles. Based on, amongst other ...

Score: 8/10

for EliteSingles
32 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

An overview of the three most important singles site categories

Love: Testing Matchmaking Agencies
Are you looking for love with a capital “L”? For those of you who are looking for a serious relationship, good partner agencies are the best choice.
Flirt: Testing Singles Sites and Dating Apps
Are you unsure where this journey should go? In the U.S., there are countless flirting apps for people who are noncommittal and just want to get to know someone.
Adventure: Testing Causal Dating Sites and Apps
Are you looking for an erotic adventure in the United States? You’re not alone. We will show you where you can find sites and apps that are worth your time.

We are Experts on Dating Sites and Apps in The U.S.

Dating-Compass is an information site, dedicated to providing helpful and practical support pertaining to the topic of online dating in the United States. Its focus is on testing and evaluating various dating sites and apps. There are countless online dating services available in the U.S., and the quality and performance of each site’s offerings is difficult to assess for the average customer. Our tests compare dating sites and provide a free overview for all interested parties, bringing transparency to the market. All dating services are not made equally.  The Dating-Compass team observes American dating sites and apps over a period of years, becoming thoroughly familiar with each individual provider. The full expertise of our entire team is hugely impactful in our editorial tests. More about Dating-Compass.
We thoroughly test each dating site and app.

Flirt? Love? Adventure? The Right Dating Site for You.

There are a wide range of online match offers, depending on your goals and objectives. On this page, we organize American dating sites and apps into three distinct categories. The question is: what are you looking for?
  • Flirt
  • Love
  • Adventure

Flirt: Dating Sites & Apps

The flirt category is primarily concerned with meeting new people. It’s about the flirt itself. Whether or not something more will develop remains open to both parties. Firstly, it’s used primarily to get in contact with interesting people. Of course, it’s allowed (sometimes secretly desired) to fall in love. Sometimes it’s “only” a flirt and sometimes it’s “only” a romantic moment. In short: what happens in the flirting category isn’t t set in stone. Everything could, nothing has to.
This category consists primarily of all classic dating sites. These have arisen from the Internet’s take-over of the conventional, newspaper personal ads. Essentially, the users present themselves based on their profiles. These can be browsed by other users with various search functions.
In this category, is the largest and best-known provider in the U.S. Also found in this category are most of the dating apps. Most popular among them are Tinder, Badoo, and Zoosk. The flirting apps continue to enjoy increasing popularity, particularly with younger Americans. Thanks to these apps, young people can flirt comfortably with their smartphones from just about anywhere—one of the greatest advantages these apps offer. Additionally, many of these apps are newly developed with a high degree of innovative technology. Newer functions and mechanisms provide additional flirting fun.

Love: Matchmaking Services

People who are seriously looking for love and a permanent partner should look for an online matchmaking service under this category. Users who flirt and meet on these sites have no doubts about their intentions: everyone is looking for a long-term relationship, for love. Matchmaking agencies specialize in filtering candidates in an effort to recommend the best possible partner for their users. This is accomplished through in-depth, scientific personality determinates. 
To be sure, this type of matching service is the leading form of online dating services. Comparable, accurate proposals cannot be found in any other dating service. EliteSingles and eHarmony are excellent examples of matchmaking services in the United States. In the “love” category, you’ll find comparisons of the best matchmaking agencies in the U.S.

Adventure: Casual Dating Sites

Everyone looking for an obligation-free, erotic adventure will feel right at home in this category. Causal dating is a growing trend in the U.S. that embraces the increasing willingness for one-night stands. Meeting for sex is the goal for users on casual dating sites. It is clear and obvious that it’s only about sex for both (or more) parties and feelings remain sidelined. Therefore, casual sex remains noncommittal. Of course, a relationship—even a romantic one—can develop from such a meeting. Primarily, the following applies: just sex, no emotions, no obligations.

Causal dating is not just for men. More and more women are taking advantage of these online services to fulfill their erotic dreams. One of the best known and most important providers in this category is BeNaughty.

Dating categories


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Sound Tests Are the Basis for Singles-Service Comparisons 

Dating-Compass provides a meaningful comparison of dating sites and flirting apps, whose offerings are regularly tested in detail. These tests are based on established criteria, conducted for all dating sites and apps using the same pattern. The goal at any time is to provide realistic and authentic insights for site visitors. 
In addition to quality factors and dollar-value, the contact test plays an especially important role. This test indicates how easy it is to connect with other members. Ostensibly, this is the main purpose of online dating markets. Is member connection and communication executed quickly and with ease, or are there many glitches in the process? It is vital to view the contact test results of a specific site in comparison to other services within the same category. This gives you a clear idea of the differences between and among services as they apply to your particular circumstance. Of course, actual results in each profile will vary from case to case. Individual results will depend on many factors, including your approach. The contact test, nevertheless, provides concrete information wherein which the probability of your success will be much higher. 
Our analyses provide at-a-glance evaluations of dating sites. The end result summaries are described as follows:
  • Tips
  • Success Rate
  • Membership Statistics
  • Suitability for Flirt/Love/Adventure
  • Level of Activity in The U.S.
Our tests examine the following points in detail. Each point is described in an extensive chapter. The result is a comprehensive picture of the respective singles sites:
  • Practical Test and Experience with Test Profiles
  • Features and Profiles
  • User Friendliness
  • Dollar Value 

Free Dating Sites vs. Paid Dating Sites

We are often asked about the differences between free and paid dating sites. Why should I pay for membership on a dating site? The question is quickly and simply answered: our experience has shown that those members who take advantage of free dating sites usually do it very carelessly. The need to get-to-know someone is not nearly as evident with free users as with people who have already paid to use the service. Further, free dating sites tend to attract significantly more fake profiles and profiles whose members are merely promoting professional services. 
If you get a message from an attractive woman on a free site, sending you links to other sites where she allegedly has a better, more complete profile, stay away. This is a common scam that occurs daily on free sites.
If you look at our test reports, you will notice that we have analyzed significantly more paid than free dating services. There is a simple reason for that: the risk of a bad investment is markedly higher on paid sites than on a free dating service. At any rate, certainly there are the occasional free dating services that we like. You will find such sites in our test reports as well.
Additionally, you will also find the assessment of the site’s dollar value. If you want to save money on monthly fees, a longer membership may be recommended. That, of course, only makes sense if you think that you will use the service for an extended period of time. Our rule of thumb is: on a larger dating site, six months is usually a sufficient timeframe in which to find a partner. Memberships lasting less than six months run the risk of feeling rushed and can produce hastiness; the last thing you need when searching for love.
Free Singles Sites Also Have Their Price
Even though this is not apparent at first glance, free dating sites do have a price. This is, however, not immediately obvious because said price is not expressed in monetary terms. 
Firstly, it is important to note that the proper operation of a dating site costs money. The server must be paid. Other costs of site maintenance include the development of the platform, upkeep of security mechanisms, and (of course) the site’s customer support services. This means that a free dating site must make money to survive. If this does not happen through the contributions of its members, such services must rely on advertising revenues. Ultimately, users’ data are traded as currency. This information is, in turn, a hot commodity for the advertising industry. 

When you sign up for a free dating site, you will immediately notice that the pages of the site are plastered with advertisements.